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Wicked Ties

Wicked Ties - Shayla Black IMO, Jack Cole is one of those Alpha's who walks the line between hot possive, kinky versus just a creepy guy with issues who's just a big teddy bear. If you like Shayla Blacks writing style, then you will like Jack Cole and Wicked Ties. I liked this one much better than the 4th one, surrender to me.

I generally don't like when BDSM is forced on the woman, but in this case it worked because I believed she really did want it and he knew it. There is alot of talk in this book about how bad he is and what he wants to do to her, but he never does more than spank her and tie her up a few times. THere is only one playroom scene, yay for nipple clamps with a chain!

I found the dialog in WT just painful, eye rolling. THe internal monologue a bit verbose, but overall, I was intrigued and kept reading and generally got an overall good feeling from the book.

I got turned off when I found out how Jack had treated Kayla similarly and messed her up. He also broke the cardinal rule of never leave your sub! but he left her with Deke, which is OK by me.

deke: you've had enough for today Morgan: Ya think? Then her legs buckle.

He also left her in the hospital, not cool. you can at least haunt the hallways like Kellan did. He was just a little to insecure in his head, which didn't match his actions. I would have liked to see more honor in his head.

I'm reading Decadent now, so far, I like Deke alot and I think Luc is gay...more later.