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Black Butterfly

Black Butterfly - Sienna Mynx This is my Nolen.


He's also my Christian and my Edward, and my Gabriel. He's alot of things to me. LOL.


THe story is three stars, the smut level is 3 or 4. Nolans character is developed well and he is alluring. He is very reminiscent of Christian and that is attractive.

The females are developed well too. It just needs a bit more editing and continuity. There are lots of references to things that were never said.

He likes air play, but not bondage, which seems odd. There could have been a few more lemons (sex scenes), adding some bondage or toys.

"Would you mind it if we play rough?"
"mind it?"
"Can I make love to you like I like it or should I restrain myself?"
"I can take it"
"Good girl"

3 star read, but minus one star for the typos; 7+ grammatical errors and countless punctuation errors. I'd say it's about 400 pages.

I think there might be a sequel because we never found out if his dad is alive or not.