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The Reluctant Dom

The Reluctant Dom - Tymber Dalton,  Lesli Richardson I really think he should have done him...a little M/M kiss would have been hot! they obviously were hot for eachother.

There was lots of detail about christmas lights. "edison and his freaking light bulb"

"she was doing better than he was, apparently. Maybe he should let her whale on him for a while with the whips" (s/b wail, not whale, a fish)

I delayed reading this book for fear of not having enough tissue/losing my husband fears...but I finally faced it as I'm in a slump right now. In the end, I didn't buy into TRD that much. The sex was interesting, but everything else was not. Too many unimportant details, too clinical, not enough physical descriptions. What do these people look like? She was really only tied up a few times, everything else was vanilla, which is OK with me. I liked how she changed a bit to match his vanilla desires.

Around 81%, there is this beautiful tear jerking part. Really beautiful. "Slave, behold you Master. I swear to you, He will protect you, He will care for you, and He will never lie to you"

My God, the man had 3 rings, a necklace, and two tats by the end of the book. Reminded me of Bella getting a bracelet, a diamond charm, a diamond ring, and a scar, lots of marks...

The control freak thing got a little out of hand at the end. "Unless Kade asked him to fuck her in front of people. He froze. No, Kade wouldn't do that. Would he? Oh, God. Please, no." LOL.

This book has a typo in the copyright statement that you "may" copy this book. hysterical. And something about it being made of 100% recycled electrons? weird. other than that, no major typos except one repeating extra space within the quotation marks? made me start to think it was normal and i didn't know how to write a sentence?

The first person switching to third was confusing and the head jumping at the end was odd, obviously to introduce the next book about Tony.
I liked Broken by Megan Hart slightly better than this. This reminded me of 'the time travelers wife' tear jerking stuff. I guess that's not my thing.

I understand why others liked it, I just found it boring except for the good parts mentioned above.