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Changing the Game

Changing the Game  - Jaci Burton Of the three Play books released so far this one lives up to it's cover the best!! I liked Gavin way more than I liked Cole or Ty.

This book also wins the award for least number of TYPOS! Only one! (missing a space between two words). Very impressive!!

I liked Gavin and his dominance in the begginning (holding her arms behind her back and over her head), but i liked the way he backed off once he found out about her controlling Dad.

I really liked being in his head and how he jumbled thru his emotions for her. He really felt something strong and powerful and overwhelming. He never felt any angry feelings towards her like Mick did.

Mick was a dork in this one. Gavin is way hotter. I wished they had gone back to the beach house at some point.

I LOVED the ending. So hot. I thought she accepted the whole thing too quickly, starting to talk about kids right away. She should have been more shocked and scared for a while to really believe him and he could have poured his heart out a bit more.

But I always feel thay way at the end of books.

Anyway, will read some more JB, simply to enjoy the lack of typos!