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Addicted to You

Addicted to You - Bethany Kane This book was smart, one typo, lots of new vocabulary words and written in similar tone to Dirty. The sex was edgy, taking vanilla up a notch and reminiscent of fifty in that you are exploring the mans relationship to sex and life. Worth reading for the dutch door, bj on a rock and the swing.

Rill's self discovery was on par with Christian.

The last five chapters of the book seem to fall apart oddly. The speed changes, the wrap up is vague and cheezy? Bizarre. As if the author or editor pressured her to do the ending that way. Odd. Rill even lost his alpha in those last few chapters "Aw, Katie,I'm sorry. THe first time?" sorta wimpy?

If the ending had been more satisfying with Rill giving the exact moment he realized it was her with a more direct confession from him and a more emotional tie up instead of "we need to add a room", then I would have given it 5 stars.