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Motorcycle Man

Motorcycle Man - Kristen Ashley Reread January 2013
Reapers property inspired me to revisit this one. I've also become a huge KA fan since july.
I'm an idiot, not sure why i didnt like this back in July. I loved now. Sorry tack sorry KA. My bad.

July 2012 review...

Uh Tack, they were joking when they called you "smart as a tack" It's sarcasm, handsome!

These two were just too stupid for me and not so sharp as a Tack does nothing for me. Give me Mitch Lawson anytime.

Anyway, DNF. No typos that I found, WHich is good, but nothing quotable either.

His big come on line is "my baby's pussy is so fucking greedy" Does not turn me on.

Now, if mitch said that, nother story.

Pet Peeve, men who cook. I just felt like Tack never had his alpha on and really didn't have it after he got Sweet. He's a little sweet puppy. awww...so cute.... I know everyone loved tack, I just did NOT.

Law Man, the best of the series and the only one worth reading if you aren't going to read them all.

and if you want a nice alpha tatooed guy read sheltered by Charlotte Stein. Yummy Van.....