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Rock Chick Rescue

Rock Chick Rescue - Kristen Ashley KA books are surprisingly comforting. Like the grilled romaine at the Yard House. Everytime I'm surprised how much I like it.

I loved eddie, envisioned him very scruffy,even though he's not described as such.

This is my eddie; http://www.fanoos.com/photos/photo.php?id=6689&album=photo_waleed_sokkar

Things happened in threes here, three kidnappings at the club, three comandoes make passes at her, all the busy bodies of Denver take her under her wing.

There is a lot less details on the sex. Mountain Man is much better in that respects. There is lots of fade too black in RC#2. my gosh, Jet never gives up, even in the end, but neither does Eddie and that is hot.

would have liked to learn more about Eddie and his issues. Why such a bad boy, why turned cop?, why the mama's boy routine...how he feels about his sisters, about Indy. All that not covered here. Could have had less dressing up and guns and more deep talks with Eddie. But then again, jet is too self absorbed to ask him anything and we don't get his POV in this book.

Still not sure how this is called Rock Chick just because of Indy? These girls dress really tacky with lots of bangles, oh, and they do that three times too.

Still would read it still liked it, just like that damn grilled salad at Yard House.