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Heavy Issues

Heavy Issues - Elle Aycart wow, no typos! congrats Elle! Good Job!

LOVED this book, as much as the first one. A hot alpha who doesn't get too mushy at the end, a hint of bondage, a believable tension thru the whole story. Cole is hot. Totally bought into him and his angry solider boy with mommy issues gig.

The gigolo concept in the description is not really part of the story. It's just a catchy introduction, but it's dropped in the first chapter.

The eating disorder as an addiction bothered me a bit. As someone who's had an eating disorder and weight issues, along with being a vegetarian/picky eater, you don't make such a big deal of it. you never tell a man the deatails. You never tell a man you don't like a salad because it has nuts.

you keep quiet about it. I guess she told him to scare him, but it didn't work. Worked for me and I was turned off by her lack of discretion.

I thought Rose could have been more effective if she sent one picture to Cole instead of plastering them. I thought Rose should have more history with him too. I also thought the dialog in the first few chapters was awkward and could have been handled better.

I liked that they both had buttons, him her packing bags, her catching him with a woman. That played out nicely. I liked the father in this one, especially at the grave site, but didn't care for Aunt Maggie at all. She bought a dress for the ball and they never went? would love to see Cole in a suit and taking it off.

Sometimes COle spoke like an Old Wise Intellectual, and I thought that wasn't in character, talking about the smell of a book or some of his phrases. But he also said lots of things I just loved. Loved being in his head.

I want you all of you. I want your ass. I don't want any part of you I haven't claimed....so claim me...

LOVEd it when they did it in the library and in the stairs to Tate's apartment. LOVED it when he was angry Cole and had sex without talking to her, then said "Fuck, I need this" Loved when he forgot to put on a condom because he was so feral. Love feral Cole.

Can't wait for the third book....