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While It Lasts

While It Lasts - Abbi Glines no typos, which is great. The part of the book from Cage's POV is 4 star, from her POV is 3 star.

Poor Cage and his damn feeling of not being good enough is believeable and painful. He didn't ever tell her how badly he was beaten. "I'd learned at young age that women didn't keep me. When a guy's momma don't want him, why the fuck should anyone else?"

Aww..come here baby, I'll make it all better.

I adored Cage's sexy internal battles "Whoa" or "Can i do it?" fuck yeah. "yeah"

"I want in Eva, I want in so bad"

"you. are. driving. me. crazy"

"I want this Eva, my God I want this. Are. you. sure?"

"we're getting the other one pierced tomorrow"

I liked when she walked into his room late at night and he says "what are you doing Eva?" sounding resigned. Reminds me of Kellan's "What are you doing Keira?"

The sex scenes are much better than the first two. I felt that she was a little too agressive for a virgin. She "lit up" everytime and he was just always pushing her back. She was playing with fire a little, almost clueless to who she was dealing with . But I felt Cage should have taken the lead more. They never explained why she was a virgin and why she suddenly didn't want to be anymore.

The significance of not wearing a condom wasn't hashed out but we all know how serious it is. Are they prepared to have kids together? I guess there is more of this story coming later.

I would have liked to see Cage in a tux, Cage in a fight, Cage talk about his abuse more, Cage take her out to a nice dinner, Cage buys her clothes or takes her shopping. Cage secretly has millions. Just something to make it more fantasy. Although the piano was a nice touch, loved that.

would have liked to see more emphasis on how Cage will love her unconditionally now, will be there for her like he has been for Willow. How she is happy about that. See her cry in his arms with something painfull. See him rescue her from a painful situation, perhaps at the grave or a fight with the mother figure or the brother.

I feel as if I have watched this author grow and develop thru the three books in the series. Most of the complaints I had about the first two are taken care of in this one.

Each scene here seems to be important, the character development and continuity is much better.

This is by far the best of the three, and I think you do need to read at least the second one before this one. The first one could be skipped, but it's nice to read all three. I liked the repeating familiar characters.

Looking forward to Prestons book. I hope he gets his freak on. there were hints that Amanda is getting under his skin.