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Long Hard Ride

Long Hard Ride - Lorelei James this book had all the elements i like in a book. Hot alpha who doesn't lose his mojo, no typos, fast moving, good dialog, a nice menage, Lots of steamy smut.

Something about it fell short for me, I didn't feel the compulsion to finish it and I was happy when it was over.

I think it might be the genre, that I don't dig the cowboy dust thing. I didn't like that they were all poor, eating crap food, staying in seedy motels, dropping their pants to fuck anything that walked.

I think I'll give this series another chance, this one might have been just a bad day for me, not sure. I think I'll read some M/M as I liked that aspect of this one.

Weird these boys don't consider themselves dom's, just bossy. There isn't really much bondage in this one, only once do they tie her up and then just her hands,. There's lots of rough sex.

I liked the M/M stuff. I think I would have just liked more detail of how everybody looked, how they were so sexy, what they wore. Not sure.

"Did you get these jeans from Toby Keith?" (cuz they are so tight)

I liked the mine, mine stuff.

Not sure why Trevor got all pissy and catty at the end and love/hate the brokeback mountain ending.