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Because of Low

Because of Low  - Abbi Glines 7 typos, better tension, more kissing than the first. It's a good story, and better written than the first. there is something here and I get why people like it, but I just would like to see more...continuity, angst, passion, orgasms..and less fade to black on the kissing scenes. Did these two even have sex? Well, at least he got to second base which is more than Jax got. "He sucked his nipple into her mouth...I woke up the next morning...wha? grrrr....

I think AG needs to work on creating the feeling that each moment has meaning and is pivotal to the story. There are great moments in her books, but yet, they don't tie together fluidly to create a feeling of experiencing it and the excitement of it all. The Jess situation repeated three times in this book...odd.

I was very excited to see how Cage would react. There were lots of hints from friends that he woulod beat the crap out of Marcus. But I thought he gave in too easily. He just said "whatever, we'll see" I would have liked to see cussing, breaking things, doors slamming...some passion. I would have liked to see Marcus lay it out there as a challenge. something like "you want her? make your move now, because I want her bad."

same thing in the first one, would have liked to see blows between Jax and Marcus.

I hated Marcus wearing a green polo shirt to the bar. There could have been more emphasis on her feeling of unworthyness. More of him reassuring her. She tells him she's aware of the class difference and he doesn't even acknowledge it or deny it. She mentions it to Cage alot but it's never really flushed out emotionally for her except she says "He thinks I'm enough"

And did the Hardy's not have any pictures of their Dad in their house? Nothing on the walls? If not, she should have noted the absence of them and it should tell us something about the family. Were they cold as the father said and her appearance suggested or were they warm and loving like the mother and children felt they were?

anyway, off to read the third. I sure do like Cage. Hope he makes it to third base.