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Owning Wednesday

Owning Wednesday - Annabel Joseph smart smut.great angsty arguments. vincent is a father figure and not big part of the story. the lines are blurred here. daniel is confused about loving her versus owning her...she is too. kink factor 4. really good editing and continuity.
I would have liked to see a deeper discussion of both their backgrounds and motivations
lots of great quotes;

"i'd like to have her alone"

" darling, who's in charge here?"
"you are."
"I am. aren't I?"

"listen, you crazy fuck"

daniel is a bit of a drama queen. but he's hot. I like him.

This is the first book I've read with nipple to clit clamps/chain. I Love it. I'm obsessed with them. Of course, in the book, they never fall off, IRL, they always fall off. LOL.