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From Rags

From Rags - Suzanne  Wright This is a self published book, not sure if that's why it had so many typos? Over 11 typos and counting. Big ones, verbs missing completely from sentences.

How hard is it to have someone read it? Anyway, this is a three star book, I took away one star for the typos.

This book has some nice moments and the chemistry is good. I found Jaxx to be too dominant ball-buster for me, not weak enough, constantly demasculating him. He had to fight hard for the moments she really submitted. These two tough guys seem to break down into infantile teasing and laughter when together, which lightens the mood. I liked her starfish preventing him from getting her into his car (aston martin- twi FF?) I liked the wedgie she gave him, but felt he cave man carried her too much.

This is written in English slang, and some of it is really hard to translate. Frogs and blokes and daft and all that crap. Mixed with the typos and the head jumping and its just a bumpy read.