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Seduced in the Dark

Seduced in the Dark - C.J. Roberts This book should have been called "The Reluctant Knight"

"He stretched out again, and put his hands behind his head, then looked at me disbelievingly. He had a grin playing across his lips. 'Did you kiss me this morning?'"

"It's stickier when it's wet" showing Calebs childlike playfullness.

"I know what I am, I've always known. Its you who thinks otherwise"

"Abrubtly, his touch turned soft and he kissed me so gently. 'you're so wet, my cock is covered in you'"

"So far, it had a very Eyes Wide Shut atmosphere" Ten times worse than eyes wide shut I'm afraid.

**this book is not for the young (under 30 LOL), or the faint of heart. It has some elements that turn me off about BDSM (a rape scene, public humiliation stuff, grrr...)** The description of the author says "sexy and disturbing with taboo twists" No kidding. This is smart, dark, smut...

The author has purposefully written this in a flashback format, which is intended to create suspense, forshadowing, etc...but it is a bit jumpy and confusing. Are we in the past or in the future? who's head are we in? the first book left me a little nervous, this one is just a head trip, disturbing and suspenseful. But then again, I like to be shocked. So it's all good.

I admit it now, I read the ending first. It was a good idea because i hate not knowing what all the foreshadowing is hinting at.

There seems to be just a bit too much without Caleb, which is a pet peeve of mine. i like my leads together. When Caleb is gentle with her, oh my, he's so sweet and sexy. Sometimes I think he speaks in American slang/voice. I love reading Calebs POV, I understand his reluctance, I really do, but my God man, even the other slaves can see she loves you and you love her. Give in man...

Overall romance between them is still fantastic and passionate. Caleb is still edgy and childlike, vulnerable and dangerous and brave and just her...reluctant knight, sigh...

and he is reluctant, even in the end. I won't spoil it, but he never allows himself to feel worthy of her. The ultimate sweet sweet masochist.

I would have liked a longer Epilogue/conclusion. I hate rushed endings with a different style and tempo than the rest of the book. I need closure darn it.

"I think their sweeter" (tears of joy)
"The fucktards shot me" Her dry humor throughout is funny.
"Caleb had made sure to bury the both of them together. Alive" (remind me not to piss off Caleb)

Creative beanie babies, octopus knitting, this woman is ridiculous. (of the unnecessary, but hysterical Sloan character)
There is a random reference to Ultimate Frisbee at the end, that I found so odd.
This is the only book I've read with electric nipple to clit clamps/chains. Also a nipple chain, my favorite. Would have liked to see it used more for pleasure than pain though.

Some big words I liked in this one: lascivious, subjugate (I love the Kindle dictionary)
Only two typos which is great for an ebook.