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Seduction and Snacks

Seduction and Snacks - Tara Sivec I am one of the rare people who did not like this book. Perhaps it's because I absolutely do not want to read anything about toddlers in my books. I'm here to forget about toddlers/kids.

That said, the humor was a bit too dense, making the reading awkward. The only line i really laughed at was when he said "I wanted to order another tequila, but it came out 'ouff, shakira'" That is funny.

It had sort of a romantic comedy feel to it and i just didn't buy in. THen when there was not even a kiss at like 60% and the internal monologue was so repetitive and LONG, I just gave up. I assume they do it in the end and the toddler is suddenly sweet and it's a happy family. Still, not my idea of a happily ever after.