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Cirque de Minuit

Cirque de Minuit - Annabel Joseph "Go away from me and do what you do. Bulldoze on thru life, eating colored sugar and shitting rainbows out of your goddamn ass"

I liked this one. Especially the end. Theo is different in an obnoxious lovable way. It's a little bit like Shannon Miller (olympic gymnast) meets Baryshnikov or the Zsar of Russia. The juxataposition of her innocence and his roughness is dynamic throughout.

There is some public humiliation and dubious consent, that are a little uncomfortable, but the rest of the story is compelling and interesting.

The characters are very well developed for such a short story. The beginning has some awkward dialogue, but it gets better.

I've noticed with Annabel Joseph, her talent is to really accent the dominance and submission feeling without necessarily all the props.

This one and Firebird both have the art/dance backdrop that create an exotic mood, and don't heavily rely on clamps or cuffs. I don't think theo ever even used cuffs, his strength and voice were enough to make her feel compelled.