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Games of the Heart

Games of the Heart - Kristen Ashley Second attempt March 2014
The theme here is living your teenage fantasy. Mine looks something like this;

Rock hard teenage fantasy.

This book is actually a two-fer cuz theres a second love story staring a hot young man named Fin.

Amazingly woven together two deep funny heartfelt stories. Teenagers ain't my thing, even though I enjoyed both Mike and Fin. Still, gotta admire attempting this mesh of adult/teen/history/future. Great continuity within the story and with other books in the series... Cal, Vi, Layne, Colt....amazing talent.
This separation may be the longest of any KA? 25 years? Way too long, but she pulls it off somehow.

First read, october 2012
DNF 12% ugh...maybe im burnt out on KA, but this guy is way too boring and girlie...im not feeling any chemisty with dusty.....cant finish....maybe ill try again later...