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Leave Me Breathless

Leave Me Breathless - Cherrie Lynn I felt myself trying to slow down and savor while reading this. The sex scenes are almost constant right from the start and these two go at it like bunnies for the first 60% of the book. LOL. Seth has a kinky side that is creative and hot through the whole book.

Seth talks dirty and is a naughty naughty boy. He's got a strategically placed piercing on the tip of his cock that is almost a third character. He touches her in public, he touches her forbidden entrance. LOL. He promises to explore her ass someday but he never actually does it with more than a finger.

The tie-in with the second book Rock Me was great. I really liked how Candace and Brian were a big part of this story and what happened in Rock Me is explored from Macy and Seth's perspective.

Lots of this story is Seths POV and he is hysterical, and vulgar,
'"are you on the pill?"
"no, sorry"
and so his dreams of sinking uninhibited into her wet heat died a screaming death.'

Seth unconditionally thinks Macy walks on water and is exquisite and out of his league. He's so darn insecure though. It's sweet and endearing, but not super alpha. He acted like a girl sometimes. "where did you go after our first time?" "why did you ask me not to tell anyone? are you embarrassed to be with me?" "we both know you wouldn't be interested in anything long term with a guy like me."

Macy has got to learn how to handle an alpha male. When he says "I got it" you do not poke the tiger and tell him you think he don't got it. Jeez! you also don't ask a pissed off tired tiger if his tats are a form of rebellion. Puhleese. TSTL.

would have liked to see more detail of their first encounter. How did they end up in his car that first time? Would have liked to see Seth beat the crap out of Jared. and there definitely should have been some butt sex in an epilogue...maybe someday. I'd like to find out if she actually domesticated this one. I noticed no one actually called him Ghost after the initial discussion of the nickname.

The non-sex part of this book felt a bit young adult to me, but the sex scenes were certainly not.

The hottest scene was up against the wall at his house, door open. He puts her down to put on a condom, then picks her back up and puts her back on the wall and says "I really wanted to do it like this" "me too" "Jesus" "Come on me Macy. Come on me, or I'll take you outside and make you scream right there on the front lawn for the whole fuckin' neighborhood to see"...

"What the hell was that?"
"The hottest fuck I think I've ever had"