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Where You Are

Where You Are - J.H. Trumble the age of consent in Texas is 17 and they have no student teacher specific law that applies after you turn 17*. so, it doesnt legally matter if robert is 17 versus 18, it is totally legal for him to be with drew. drew could still be accused/charged with sexual assault of a minor, but technically, hes innocent.

in some states, any teacher student sexual relationship, even texting, is a second degree felony. lets just say drew should not move to IL.

ethically, of course there is a teacher student code of conduct, which was clearly broken here, the second he gave his number and they started texting. his teaching career was very much in jeopardy but he didnt seem all that thrilled with teaching anyway. "i'm more concerned about you at the moment than i am about me"

for me, its not a big deal, despite the scandalous implication. drew is only 24. that is still very young. they are both hot for eachother, so let it fly!

i had several partners older than 18 when i was 16, 17. i never crossed the teacher/boss line, but i might have had the situation arose. i remember one of my bosses was so hot, he looked like robert kennedy jr.,(not unlike my avatar). i flirted and tried to get him to loosen up, but he never
succombed to my advances...and i was cute too, pretty little blond thing.

but i digress,

the book is sweet and interesting and heart wrenching. lots of big words and pop cultural references (map quest, twitter, even adele 'you had my heart inside your hand') , which i love in a read.

um, but they actually skip the sex scenes, so we dont really even know what goes down, or who....

these two go back and forth in their maturity levels, with robert becoming the wiser aggressor sometimes. interesting to watch drew melt under his charms.

its a beautiful interesting well written love story. if there was more detail in the sex scenes, then it would be 5 star.

*there was a law passed in texas in 2003, making any t/s relationship a felony, but it was later clarified to only apply to minors age 16 and younger. http://www.totalcriminaldefense.com/news/articles/sex-crimes/teacher-student-sex/