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Adrien English Mysteries: Fatal Shadows and A Dangerous Thing

Adrien English Mysteries: Fatal Shadows and A Dangerous Thing - Josh Lanyon i admit it,.i skipped to the J/A moments. would be 4 stars without all that extraneous mystery stuff. more sex, less sherlock holmes. the sex was fantastic though. had to wait to 85% to get to.it. after a massage and an awesome.first.kiss that went nowhere, they finally got down to business.

hmmmm, the break in J's armour went differently than.i.thought it would. i thought they would fall together after a rescue or near death type thing. not just a drunk.fuck, well, i guess it was after a shooting. he just seemed to do such a 180 with no explanation at all.

lots of yummy.vocab words.here
reconnoitered, took a military observation of the surroundings
tarn, a small mountain lake
sobriqettes, stripes.on a jacket arm
insipid, lacking flavor
supercilious,.one of.my.favorite words

"i woke up.with a boner the size.of a.small torpedo"

"youre probably the best looking guy i ever knew“ "No seriously. You are. Your eyes and everything. Not my type, but beautiful.”

"this is enough for you...just this?"
"is it not enough for you?"

these guys drink a lot. wine, bourbon, beer..

on to book 3.....