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The Dark Tide

The Dark Tide - Josh Lanyon wow, jake continues to be complicated and mysterious and closed mouth, also patient, confident, and wise? BTW, Jake knew A had a date with mel and what time because he heard him making plans on the phone, so it was no mistake he showed up just as they were leaving. I thought that scene showed how J/A don't have hobbies in common. Although, by the end, I didn't think hobbies are whats really important in love.

Adrien is much sexier in this one than the other books. He's got some sort of badass macho thing going on. His internal thoughts are still self deprecating, but the things he says to people are more authoritative and volatile.

"No" which is hot. loved his preemptive strike at Alonzo to protect Jake. i'm a little shocked A went around letting all his ex lovers kiss him casually. and what happened with Mel.

I loved the kiss in the bookstore with Jake and all the public meals.
'I pushed my plate aside. Jake took my plate, slid his over. Absently, I picked up his burger' sweet.

I didn't feel the huge stone in the pit of my stomach with this one and I was frustrated with their distance, frustrated with the idea of jake leaving to sort out his shit, and that he didn't do this for Adrien. He did. He did it for him folks, lets not lie.

I like dealing with the aftermath of the ending of the last book. Would really really like Adrien to talk to Jake more about the whole thing. Coming out, the self hatred, his fear. They mention it quickly.

I would have liked them together more thru the whole thing, but i liked their little road trips, and Jakes indulgence of Adriens little mystery fetish.

The kinky/club thing with Jake never sat right with me. He did not seem like a master Dom at all to me. I would have believed it more if he had prostitutes or something. but i get that it was Jakes way of being with men without being gay "I fuck queers"

So, death of a pirate king is by far my favorite of the series and I wish J/A many happy days and nights....

As a technicality, I do not think a heart patient should be around fungus and construction and I don't think any bookstores are expanding nowadays,except online.

vocab for this one;
fugue(fyoog), a state of loss of awareness of ones identity
rheumy, watery
obsidian, the color of volcanic rock
embouchure, the way a player applies the mouth to a brass instrument
alacrity, brisk and cheerful readiness

"love you? of course i love you, Baby, I fucking worship you"