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Touch & Geaux

Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux Abigail Roux is a genius. An evil, talented genius. I loved every word. i am totally in the tyzane zone, giddy with love and hot sex, and protectiveness. What an amazing gift to be able to write like her. Amazing.

My Ty is 1990 brad pitt with goatee ; Imagine him singing house of the rising sun in a sexy tight frilly white shirt

My Zane is my profile guy, but more dirty.
spoilers below;
This book has all the things i like in a read and none of the things i dont. I like angst, angry sex, throwing punches (Ty punches Liam, Nick punches Liam too I think, Zane punches Ty and Dick), rescues on motorcycles, and complex badass MCs that are vicious and not afraid to kill. Zane with his knives is so hot, shooting knee caps. I liked Ty working with the bullets. All good.

Now if books 8 and 9 have a cock ring or a dildo, that's totally 'my kink'. LOL. One can only hope.

There was no baby storyline, which I thought Ava was going to have a mini Ty and I'm so glad that didn't happen.

I have no idea who killed the girl who looked like Ava. It looked like the father was trying to set up Ty, but in the end he just wanted him dead.

I thought for sure Zane was already a cocksucker? I don't remember them talking about it? How could he go years without putting that beautiful mans cock in his mouth? Looks like he will from now on, and hopefully we, I mean Ty, can watch.

Anyway, I loved it. Close to my favorite book ever. Can't think of anything I've enjoyed more at this point.