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Raid - Kristen Ashley Raid is a big dick. But he's also sweet and hot and intense. Hot guys get away with lots of shit.

I really liked this book, and the series. I like the raunchy, questionable edge of honor. But yet, mitch lawson, the ultimate good guy is still my favorite. And chase (from breathe) a close second. The do-gooders leave a more happy feeling in my tummy.

I guess i want mitch to get kinky. And i want all these hot guys to get naked, together. Knight and Raid? How about Nick and Deacon? What are my chances KA will write a hot m/m for me? Slim. I know.

KA put a note about the repeating pouch thing, i noticed it but was not bothered by it. She does not need to write notes to justify anything she does.

Now, Raid saying all a guy notices is the pussy, that was a bit upsetting, lol.

She also put a shout out to her fan group on goodreads, totally awesome of her.

But found several awful typos. Once again i volunteer to proof anything she writes, free.