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In Flight

In Flight - R.K. Lilley I struggled thru the first half of this book. The simple sentence structure drove me crazy. The dialog was good though, so i just skipped all the non dialog stuff until james was back. Who knew being a stewardess could be so boring.

Then came the watch. image

That watch sells for $43,000. That just struck me and i was sucked in. Just how she struggled to buy groceries and he lays down this watch. That watch costs more than a luxury car.

I found dom james a little creepy, but gentle sweet james is adorable. Around 80%, the book gets really interesting and we learn james secret. God, that is one terrible thing that happened to him and suddenly he could do no wrong.

Loved him with red eyes at the hospital. And i love a hot gay guy throwing a punch. Awesome.

So, despite my efforts not to like this, here i am, sucked in and on to book 2