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All In

All In  - Raine Miller Its was good. I loved ethans jealousy. It was difficult to imagine how hot he looked since he didnt ogle himself. brynne could have complimented him more, 'my, what a gorgeous hard cock you have mr. B'

Nothing really happens, they just bicker and make up, but there is no/little suspense.

And he's not super sneaky intuitive or slick as would be expected of former special forces captain. He doesnt carry a weapon? Have little gizmos and lots of intel? He gets his intel from the newspaper? Pleeze.

I hope he gets a chance to be more of a hero in the next book. I want him to beat someone up....then shoot them, while looking hot. Lol.

ughh...and my pet peeve... ...vomiting, tired, irritable. Hmmmm....babies are not a HEA for me. They are nausea and getting fat and no sleep and no more hot sex..

But i will read the next book because i want him to change his mind about marriage. I would also read ivan and gabrielles story if it happens.