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Law Man

Law Man - Kristen Ashley ["When you figure it out and move onto a beautiful life, don't regret the time you wasted on me" He stared at me a second, then closed his eyes, turned his head and brought our hands to his lips. He opened his eyes and faced me "I promise, I'll never regret being with you, Mara"]

Mitch Lawson has been my favorite since the first book where he said "you were my woman, I'd be in your bed, you wouldn't need to worry about a baseball bat, I gotta gun" He called out Hawk for not being there. Then he flirted with Gwen.

Liked him even better in Law Man. He never loses his alpha even when he's sweet.

Lots of nice quotes from him. 5 typos. Hate that.

I liked when he closed his eyes when they first made out, then looked at her and said "so sweet, so fucking fucking sweet"

I liked the prologue and the epilogue. I would have liked to see a nice reunion after the kidnapping and maybe a bit more sex, some nice oral from Detective Mitch Lawson.

I see why Law Man is the highest rated of the series. It's the best. Who knew that of all the bad boys, the squeaky clean one would be the one we like the best?(less)

Eta:on my second read, i realized two of my favorite kristen ashley scenes were from this book
1) the trailer trash twins at the mattress store, mitch listening in 'my mitch'
2) hawk asking mara if she can walk and her saying 'i vote for being carried' she totally fangirled over hawk. Hysterical.

Ok, so even though this one has kids, I'm going to call it my favorite kristen ashley book. If the kids are rescued/adopted its ok. It's people messing up their own kids that bugs me.