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Captive Prince: Volume Two

Captive Prince: Volume Two - C.S. Pacat, S.U. Pacat It's kind of like Stratego meets Special Forces. The first kiss and only sex scene don't occur until about 80%. OK, it was totally awesome and made me forgive the wait, but still. Really? Can we have a little more naked sword fighting please? A little frotting in the cave of furs? Pleeese.

"Did you think I was made of marble?" (laurent) Actually yes, sweetheart, I did. He finally reluctantly lets go under Damens careful ministrations. God, Damen is so selfless, thinking of him the whole time.

Only in a land before Facebook can a Prince go un-noticed in enemy territory. And sending messages involves two dangerous weeks on horseback.

I liked the irony of the soldiers following a man wearing slave bands and the image of Damen wearing gold bands and the Captains pin at the same time. I think he and Laurent switch rolls a few times there.

I loved the ending. I think I understood it all and I have a guess as to whats going to happen;
I think the Uncle knew that Damen was a prince and pretended to side with Kastor, but really he wants Laurent to fight along side Damen against Kastor as allies. I also think the Uncle molested Laurent and that is why he is frigid/scared.

Very happy for the author for the Penguin deal esp. for a m/m book. Although Damen says he prefers women...lol.