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Rough Canvas

Rough Canvas - Joey W. Hill If you have not heard of Steve Walker, check him out before you read this.

I've no idea why his paintings were not used for the cover, elloras cave has their own ideas about covers, Decapitated Naked Torsos.
I think the reason why i never read this book before was the snot green text and the weird green things going on with the bodies. I'm telling you, this book is warm and fuzzy and intimate like a Steve Walker painting. In fact, I'm sure joey hill was inspired by him to write this.

I might have also been turned off by the bdsm/slave concept, but really there is only one real hard core club scene, involving a very provocative man carousel, the rest is more like a normal relationship. Thomas is not a sub, despite all their talk about it. He pretty much has his 'master' by the balls.

The imagery is stunning farms, the berkshires, the beach, a bathtub, art studios. You can just feel all of it, just so beautiful and intense. awesome.

And NO typos! Woot woot! I did find one parens missing, but nothing else, nothing.
There are lots of sweet mom quotes. Not mentioned is the irony Iowa was the first state to allow gay marriage. As a mom, there is nothing in the world my son could do to turn me against him. I'd stand behind him no mater what.

I must find out where this story started. Might have to read the whole series, but still afraid of the whole club thing.

Anyway glad it finally got read and put in its proper place on my favorites shelf.