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Clear Water

Clear Water - Amy Lane amazon-->Clear Water

As a botanist with a water quality background, I'd be pretty turned on by a PhD herpetologist with enough savy and influence to get a grant from Fish & Game to do his own water quality sampling, and knows how to use a probe!

Geeky thoughts here: The study itself was fairly accurate and realistic. I've worked on similar projects and things can get tense when your sampling upstream and downstream of a large business. I've never heard of probes that transmit data by telemetry. Cool. I've only ever used tubes sent to the lab.

It's accurate that frogs are very sensitive to pesticides, but also usually have some deformed ones, even in healty water. They would need a control sample in a similar, non-polluted stream to show the anomalies are atypical.

Back to the story:
Getting rescued and kept warm by said herpetologist on a little boat sounds yummy, considering he's tan and moral and cusses like a sailor, and likes hot lithe yoga boys. All good stuff.

The writing however was....awkward. I didnt get half the weird cuss words or the jokes. I had trouble with continuity and character depth.

Some of the sex related words were not sexy at all, and turned me off.

The physical descriptions were not really flattering: tiny pale round face, furry chest, long curly brown hair to his shoulders with black stubble...i dunno. Just not yummy.

But they are sweet and likable characters.

In the end, he's off to study polar bears or climate change, which is totally unrelated to water quality and herpetology, so that actually turned me off, because it means he's more of an environmental activist than a scientist in a specific field.