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Star Crossed

Star Crossed - Kele Moon 3.5 stars
There were several personally appealing elements here. i have boy-girl twins, and my hubby does karate and looks hot in his gi. And it also had my random turn ons; fist fights and mafia boys who whisper in italian.

This is my fourth fighter book, but the first one to really delve into martial arts and mma.

There were also some of my pet peeves, dominant chicks and pregnancy. With twins. Ugh... twins are a nightmare, trust me. Hated the pregnancy crap in the epilogue. Hated the wholr epilogue, took away half a star for it. i felt like rome cried too much and was sort of impotent. I like the mc to be the hero and fix things. He did but he coulda done more.

Amazing how different this book is from the Eden series. The only similarity is the emotional clusterfuck.

It was exciting and suspenseful and fun. The last 15% didnt thrill me, but i really liked most of the book up til then. And its my issue, really. Perhaps my skepticism will fade as i forget what I've just been thru.