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A Sinner Born

A Sinner Born - Avril Ashton These two are.....complicated. took me a bit to understand Syren(marcos, faro), but i think at the end i got him.
He reminds me of Silvio from[b:Dark Soul Vol. 1|12323849|Dark Soul Vol. 1 (Dark Soul, #1)|Aleksandr Voinov|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1313514437s/12323849.jpg|17302234].
I liked that this wasn't about coming out, but focused on relationship dynamics.
Everyone here is gay and out. I'm down with that.
Sy and Kane loved but with lots of mistrust and BS and running away. Can you say drama queens? Lol. I actually love those intense convos, esp with Gabe or Angelo in the mix.
I loved the fist fights, there were no guns really, but there was enough badass to know guns were close by. Loved the slow reveal of syren, trying to figure him out and i loved Kanes totally whipped confidence, patience, persistence.
the rape added some interesting stuff at the end. The rape was off the page btw, which was a relief cuz i was worried sick thru the whole thing about it.
and how can two Special Agents not recognize an abduction and rape?
I really needed more physical description of Kane. How tall? No tats? Was he gorgeous? He must have been because he had men falling all over him. In the end i used the pic posted in a review with a bit of the vampire diaries boys mixed in to get my mental images of sy and kane. (That sure sounds like ty and zane, lol)
6 annoying typos, and trikes do not lean against fences, lol.
5 stars for creative, deep, messy hot man love.