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Penmort Castle

Penmort Castle - Kristen Ashley Indecent proposal meets the taming of the shrew.

This is classic KA style, but with a possesive suit wearing hot bazillionaire. (I always felt the colorado boys should wear more suits)

Cash essentially wants a Dom/ sub relationship, but he is helpless near her and acquiesces too easily. Their connection is very intense and she gives him a warmth and peace he's never felt, he doesnt even know what to do with it.

Cash's authority is usurped more than any other KA alpha. love it when he whispers "Don't" in her neck.
Cash wins the award for longest hold out, 80%. abby is clueless in a rock chick sort of way, but cash love's her coz she's 'crazy'.

This is typical KA fattening too, so much yummy food. Irish stew, Bavarian tortes, brittish doughnuts. Oh, and decadent diamonds and cashmere gifts.

The ghost action occurs at the end of the story, and is enjoyable in a fantasy sort of way. don't let the ghost thing put you off. this is a complete complicated, story, even without the supernatural aspect.

As usual, it includes endearing hysterical secondary characters that only KA can bring to life.

"Are we supposed to say Polo?"