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The Final Line

The Final Line - Kendall McKenna Very likable characters here and a relationship driven story. The sex is really hot, they get in some nice clenches and kiss thru it all.
I would have liked to see a bit more action and better continuity. Sean starts out singing in a bar rescuing a girl, then he's an actor and the bar and girl are never mentioned again. He's sort of preachy and drama queen, but he's hot so it's ok. We never find out why sean is insecure 'just don't let go' what are his issues? Guys who want him as arm candy?
Corey is awesome, but insecure and vulnerable. He whines about conditions and sweating, muscles aching, dreading an exercise. Suck it up soldier.
The charm of this book is liking these quirky flawed characters and just cuddling Corey and kiss it all better.