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Reckless  - Skye Jordan Lexi: I can't be with you because I'm famous, no because I'm busy, well, really because I've been hurt.
Jax: I'm famous, busy, and been hurt too. Let's fuck
Lexi: okay, sure

If Vera Wang showed up with a hot stunt man, I seriously doubt it would hurt her career.

So, the premise is a bit shaky. And the identity thing has some big holes in it (everyone googles), but the sex is off the charts hot and the writing is witty and well paced. Plenty of angsty convos. it's all good.

Vivid images of these two in the various locations; a ritzy hotel, a studio, a mansion, a fashion show.
Stuart Reardon is pefect for Jax with the tribal tats and fine ass. Perfect for a little teasing. Imagine him eating blueberries in the shower, stretching as he wakes up, pushing his 9" peen against your bum, murmuring 'hmmm' against your neck.

Jax is very lickable, uh, likable. I found him a little submissive and desperate at times, but in bed, he's all confidence and orgasms.

jax: If you want me, take me. I'm offering.

Me(waves hand): ooh ooh me! me! I'm taking!