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Strength of the Pack

Strength of the Pack - Kendall McKenna Bizarre but captivating. You know when your dog is so excited to see you, he starts wheezing, and the only way to calm him down is petting him? This is sorta like that.
I could not grasp the culture here. Basically, their union was supported and encouraged by the military.
Cuddling, nuzzling, sex were a necessary part of 'after action'
A voracious Noah was the hottest thing in this book.
I also have no idea why Lucas was not informed or forced to understand his new title?
And being a baby wipe expert, i can tell you they would not hold 4 ounces of come. They should use towels or rags.
I really struggled with the names Lucas and Noah being too similar, even though they are not?

This book begs to be teased, but also to be taken seriously, very confusing.

"You got a stuck wolf?"