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Golden Trail

Golden Trail - Kristen Ashley This book should be called "How to Handle Ass Clowns"

His ex wife
Her shady boyfriend
His ex girlfriend
Her ex husband, brother, and father
The crooked cop
The abusive football coach
The creepy youth group minister and the pervert chick
His mother

Compulsive list makers need the good guys too;
Colt and Feb
Cal and Vi Angela their kid
Keira their daughter
Devin the father figure
Ryker the unwelcome sidekick
Rykers girlfriend and her daughter
Trevor Burgess the high school kid, and his father
Marissa Rocs exhubbies girlfriend
Sully and Sean the cops
Tripp and Jas (btw how the fuck did his ex get him to agree to these names?)

That's at least 30 crazy people to keep track of.
No wonder this dude left town.
Luckily, Laynes a good delegator and he handles them all with integrity and signature KA badass flair. Making up for any hurt feelings created by his absence.
As usual, every single thread tied together and resolved with a flourish.

Story Telling.

This was my second pass at this book, the first time I didn't think I could handle the teenager storyline. I was wrong. Never doubt this woman.

"Weird,” she whispered. “I thought it was perfect but somehow it’s better this time around."

"Ryker. Is that your first name or your last?”
“Both,” Ryker replied and her eyebrows shot up.
"Both? You’re a one name man?” she asked and Ryker let go of her hand. “Yep,” Ryker answered and Vera’s eyes shot to Layne.
“How neat!” she exclaimed. “I’ve never met a one name person before."