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The Virgin: Revenge (Revenge #1)

The Virgin: Revenge (Revenge #1) - J. Dallas I enjoyed this beginning to their story, I liked the tension of seeing him after so long. I liked their chemistry and the sex scenes were good. There were some continuity problems. She thought he wouldn't remember her name? The book is titled revenge, yet she immediately gives up on her plans, not knowing why she's there. "Maybe I should have thought this through a little better." Yes, maybe you should.

Minus one star for typos.
The grammar errors need to be fixed before this goes out for sale. I personally feel it's unethical to offer a book for sale without proper editing. The reader purchases with the expectation of a readable story, and feels duped when they find no one has looked closely at the text.

I'm happy to do the editing for you, $100 and you'll have a readable legit copy.

"It was far simpler than way."