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Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome - Richard Rider I'm not a fan of present tense, although here, it adds urgency and humor. The third person perspective makes you feel like a little bird is sitting on your shoulder whispering how Lindsay feels thru various vignettes with his tart, sweet, lithe little glitter pirate. Oops,wrong book.

I got these two. I get the humor, Linsday is reluctant but yet absolutely adores his insane not boyfriend.

They hide out for most of the book, then the action picks up at 80%…and we shift to Pips pov and the ship hits the fan and the crazy flies wild.

Oh if i could take my red pen to this one. The middle is obvious filler to stretch to the second book, which is shorter. Evil...genius. Minus one star...and go stand in the corner, hands on your head..