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The Salisbury Key

The Salisbury Key - Harper Fox Beautiful but too sad.

I like the intellectual/scientific aspect of this book. It's my general field (natural resources,biology v. archeo, similar). I've always had a fantasy of seducing a hot stuffy professor, watching them come undone.
I like the way Fox makes so much happen out in nature, stripped down to nothing but grass and dirt.
I like the words.
The death thing bummed me out. It was too much. Similar to The Reluctant Dom, too painful to enjoy. For me. The may december thing so much like my Dad's lost lover, and my lost father figure. Just ouch.
Maybe its good for me to face it. My dad will die one day and his lover is gone. You survive, move on somehow. But dwelling on it now, ain't a good idea. I don't want to end up in a glitterland-like depressed state for the holidays.
I suggested my dad not read this either. If he does, he's got bigger bollucks than me.

I think i need a harper fox break. She bums my high.

propitiate - win the favor of
trammel - a restriction of freedom
abeyance - a state of temporary disuse