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17 Black and 29 Red

17 Black and 29 Red - Richard Rider Really good, better than the first. Still minus one star for the bizarre writing style, too many kids, too long a separation, and a too quick reunion.

"How can people walk on the moon and know how to clone animals but still have to go through all this writhing screaming uncivilised ordeal?"

"imagine being married to that, he'd only run off with fucking fucking Zac Efron and steal half my money."

"As if I want to sleep with Supermum anyway. It's like waving a pencil in a cave."

"Stars and art and fashion and music and creepy horrible monsters that'll eat my brain from the inside if I don't trap them on canvas before they get their gnashers in. That's what it's like living in my head, every day. It never ends."

"You said if I told you to come back you would. I'm telling you now."