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Catch a Ghost

Catch a Ghost  - S.E. Jakes $0.99 on Amazon-->Catch a Ghost (Hell or High Water Book 1)

This is very similar to Cut & Run, and I was just as confused and befuddled here as the first time I read Ty and Zane.

The difference is that Ty and Zane spent 3 books at "My ass hurts" and these boys skyrocketd to Touch & Geaux "I'm here to protect you and I'm the answer to all your fucked up issues"

Since the situations were essentially the same as Ty and Zane, and I've no idea what a Cajun man looks like, I decided to use my mental image of Ty and Zane. Its something like this;

That looks like a Cajun ass to me.

I didnt find these guys very likable and had to use lots of imagination to find them hot.

The good news is Cut & Run got better as the series progressed so maybe the next book will be easier to get into and comprehend.

Typos; His name is Tom, Tommy, T, Cajun, Voodoo, but what his name is not is TIM!