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Lacybourne Manor

Lacybourne Manor - Kristen Ashley Sweet, fantastically exciting reveal. It took ages to get to the reveal, and even then Sybil is TSTL. But i dont read KA for the women.
Colin is amazing. He was abusively mean in the first half of the book. But then he had a vegetarian meal ordered for a whole group! Can you imagine serving a veg meal to your parents just because your gf is veg?
Apparently, it's a bizarre fantasy of mine.

Colin's ice is very slow to thaw and his bossy act was not as charming as it could have been. I felt he physically restrained her too much, but of course, she loved it.

So, not my favorite of the series, but I can't help but admire KA's talent at spinning a tale, with depth and continuity, warmth, humor, and of course hot sex.

Prodigal - Spending money recklessly
Prevaricate - to lie
Gateau - a rich cake with layers of cream and fruit.
Misanthrope - a person who dislikes and avoids human kind
Perspicacious - keen, understanding the meaning of things
Compunction - guilt or regret
Tory - an American colonist who sided with the British during the war
Elucidate - to make clear (one of my fav. words)