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All In with the Duke

All In with the Duke - Ava March The Duke: I have a fondness for leather.
The Rent Boy: I surmised as such.

Max and Tristan are extremely likable. OK, they are lovable! Esp. Max. I've got a little crush on Max, The Duke of Pelham.

I might have given this 4 stars for the predictable story, but the black marble dildo is worth one star alone. It's like a third MC. Hooray for delivering a promised dildo, avoiding pet peeve number #60 and scoring one for kink #1.

Truthfully, Max's frustration and loneliness is so endearing and he's all pure hot alpha. And Tristan is lithe, brave, strong, never showing fear of Max's mood swings. I just wanted to hug drunken brooding Max, rub all his worries away.

Kudos for no typos and a pleasant phrasing and pace throughout. I would have liked to see more external conflict (an ex-lover, a public scandal, something) but still really enjoyed spending time in jolly old England with these two sweet horny blokes, and the dildo.