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King Perry

King Perry - Edmond Manning Totally love hate this book! Brilliant but so damn frustrating.

A madman's ramblings of logistics and nonsensical riddles, with lots of your favorite words beautifully thrown in;
Carbonara, marachino, cherry crepes, lapis lazuli....resplendent.

Here's some insane nonsense back at ya:
Ping is the name of a famous duck, not referenced here.
I was screaming, "Ping should be the ducks name stupids!"
[bc:The Story About Ping|189182|The Story About Ping|Marjorie Flack|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1347592938s/189182.jpg|802423]
How can you reference Will and Holly from Land of the Lost and not name the duck Ping?

Perry (and the reader) are kept on edge, disoriented and confused for most of the story.
The relationship progresses from awkward to fond to deep.
The riddles are somewhat answered.
There's lots of crying and bizarre hot sex.

I think I understood this story and felt the beauty. Loved the beauty, the humor, the colors, the words. My perspective has been altered. Some furniture rearranged.

But under it all, this whole charade is a defense mechanism for Vin. He has no connections, this is his safe way to give love, to be forgiven, to give the guy an easy out. Also to work thru his own issues, his own unworthy-ness.
I hate that. I hate the lack of reciprocity. Where's the bow tied round the box? I guess I'm spoiled expecting such things, even if the blurb didnt promise them.

It's all just a little sad, and I hugged my Dad hard today, a big bear hug.

Wonder is always difficult until you forgive who destroyed your love of surprises.

Seriously, touch my tarp scrotum.