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Plan B

Plan B - SJD Peterson "I’m not gay.” He shook his head vigorously, then stopped and hung his head.
He sounded so miserable when he whispered "Am I?"



Absolutely loved watching this straight boy lose control, and the sexy sassy flamboyant guy fall for him hard, gobsmacked and awestruck.
A bit heavy on the sex and fantasy stuff, but the romance was enough to make it work for me.

I really cared for these young college guys, struggling with their horniness and emotions and trying to figure what the heck was happening.
I was prepared for the three years later bomb. Had I not known I would have been a hot mess.

I was waiting with baited breath for every new word or move from Lance. I just liked him. I want to hug him all over. Loved it.

I understand this might not be everyone's cuppa, but it's mine.

We cant chose what or who we’re attracted to, and there isn’t always any rhyme or reason to it.