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Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars - Kristen Ashley There’s nothing creepier than child ghosts. Everyone knows that.

Well, except maybe Pregnancy!

Kristen Ahley wrote this just to torture me. It's chocked full of shit I can't handle. miscarriage, dead kids, drownings

Of course, I loved it anyway.

It's an intricate web of characters and moments. Heathcliff and Cathy on the craggy windy slopes. Tender moments of loss. Moments of fear. Moments of funny. Just beautiful. All culminating in a big freakin mess of a resolution. No character is forgotten no thread is dropped. Even the horse gets closure.

Jack is dreamy and compassionate, when he's not an ass. I felt he coddled her a bit too much and there was a bit much of bodies going stiff, rigid, gasping, squeezing her closer. But still a very enjoyable story, despite pushing all my panic buttons.

Minus one star for the creepy ghost kids making me scared of my own little poltergeists who wander my halls late at night. Kids are a little creepy, dont ya think?