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Fighting Redemption

Fighting Redemption - Kate  McCarthy Leaving Fin was a mistake. I know that now.

He leaves when shes 17
6 year separation
10 days together
1 year separation
Basically he sees her 11 days in 7 years.
2 week separation
8 weeks together
he leaves a few more times
I gave up when I knew where it was going her knocked up and alone, again. Just so sad.
Just too much grief and drama for me.

It's about the sacrifice our soldiers make, the strong desire the men have to fight, feeling torn by their lives here. It is beautiful and romantic, but soooo sad and depressing.

The writing is primarily very good, but the typos really bugged me. There was a lot of shivering going on. He shivered, she shivered. Some of the innuendo was awkward for me. I never believed he was SAS. Vadim he is not.

I thought I was in the mood for this, but I'm just not.

Bye beautiful cover...