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Broken Dove

Broken Dove - Kristen Ashley The theme of this series, if not all KA's work, is rebirth after abuse, freedom, believing you deserve new and better.


Apollo is the Salt of the Earth. He carries heavy burdens.

The pages light up when Apollo appears. He is good, and sweet, and strong, and sexy, and just very very compassionate and patient.
He likes to lie back naked in bed and command her to ride him while he watches..

and she, of course, hops on enthusiastically, she aint stupid.

All the other non-Apollo stuff didn't thrill me; kids, Maddie, lots of chin lifts and endless travelling. He squeezes her closer so many times. He's a squeezer. "Squeeze" occurs 86 times in this book.

Apollo says "Be careful what you wish for" and I'm reminded of all the KA fans who complained her latest books were too short, not enough suspense. Here ya go folks. A very long detailed suspenseful story.

I've learned to accept her books for what they are. I trust her, and I'm able to just relax and enjoy the ride. And theres lots of riding in this one; sleighs, horses, riding Apollo....

It's all very beautiful and very satisfying. And you can not be awed by the dedication to continuity. There are no less than four sub-plots (loretta, Chris, Derrik, Valentine), all carried and woven perfectly through the story, not to mention the integration of the three previous books, all culminated in one huge beautiful story arc.
That, my friends, is continuity.
That is talent.
That is story telling.

And...If you have not seen Disneys Frozen Let it Go sequence, you must watch it. Its perfect for this book and the whole series really.
Let the storm. Rage. On. The cold never bothered me anyway.