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Rebel - Skye Jordan Wes washing choc ice cream out of his hair:

The sex is incredibly hot here folks. And Wes lights up the page. 5 stars for Wes!
Wes throws punches, rides fast bikes, plays with ice cream, and dances amazingly well...cough cough.

5 star sex...3 star story.
I have the same issues with this one I did with the first one: Non-issues. There's very little real conflict. Being rich and smart and beautiful is so difficult because I'm mental. Bleh... just couldn't muster up any sympathy for Rubi. I was uncomfortable the first time she went down on Wes, because it seemed a little pathetic and slutty. If Wes wanted to be different, perhaps he shouldn't let her degrade herself like that. Whatever. Hottest BJ ever!
Wes gets a little needy and clingy, but I was glad he was not submissive, like I felt Jax was in the first book. I didn't understand how his podunk warm family could also be snobby mean lawyers?
There was also lots of clenching and fire ripping through chests and hearts.

I liked it, but would have enjoyed it more if there were two of Wes and no Rubi.

My guess? Book 3 = Keaton, a little Asian action, maybe some promised toys delivered?

*10 typos hopefully fixed before publishing.

His mind seemed to split. His thoughts flipping between the two - dance, fuck. Dance, fuck.