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Beguiled - Joanna Chambers Could you resist this guy?

Accurate down to the cockade, this story occurs during King George's first visit to Scotland.
Apparently this visit spurred the official kilt wearing national pride sort of thing.
In between all of that, Balfour and David are flirting away and thinking naughty thoughts. They gaze and smile at each other in a very romantic seductive manner. The romance has a male female dynamic that is different and interesting.

The discussion missing from the first book happens early in this book. David participates and Balfour expresses his desires and continues his seduction. "When can I see you again?"
The sex also picks up frequency too, almost too much.
The non-Balfour bits are still dry.
The Balfour bits are juicy and the sweet melting of these two hearts is delicious.

No idea why it's called Beguiled?

Obsequious, overly obedient
Burghers, wealthy citizen
Bonhomie, friendly
Uxorious, overly doting on the wife
Nankeen, yellow pants
Cockade, a bow on a hat or lapel.